Saturday, 28 April 2012

Why people feel dissatisfied with carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning is one of the businesses that can be started without much qualification or money to invest in therefore, this attracts many amateurs who are not ready. They don’t understand that a lot is needed which results in them giving a shabby and poor job. This is starting to give the industry a poor name.

A lot of education is needed in the carpet cleaning industry in order to do a good job cleaning carpets. You need to understand the construction of the carpet, the condition and you need to be able to understand the fibre of the carpet. You need to be able to remove stains in movement with the dye bleed.

  1. As carpet cleaner are not properly trained, they are unable to use the equipment provided properly.
  2. New entrants to the trade buy cheap and old equipment. This means they do inappropriate jobs giving the trade a bad name.
  3. Some carpet cleaners buy inferior chemicals to clean the carpets. This results in doing a poor job and ruining the carpet eventually.  
  4. The rule of carpet cleaning is to first vacuum the carpet. Some carpet cleaners do not vacuum before cleaning and this ends up with the carpet having dull fibres.
  5. Carpet cleaners end up with poor results because the carpet is heavily soiled and a proper system of cleaning was not used.

In order for you to do a good job you must understand the soiling of a carpet and know the appropriate system to use.

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