Saturday, 21 April 2012

How to provide customers with excellent laundry services.

Launderette customer service has improved now that more services are being provided. A few years ago, the majority of launderettes were unman or unattended leading to more costs being incurred by damages caused to washing machines, dryers and other important apparatus inside the laundry.

Modern laundrettes have increased its services and have made it a fun experience. They have some activities that you may not have thought of. Some laundrette services collect and deliver your washing from your home, office, shop or hair saloon.

London laundry services undertake other services such as ironing, dry cleaning, carpet cleaning, repairs and alterations. Customer service has become inevitable in order for us to satisfy our customers and thereby increase repeat purchases. Customers are to be listened to and their complaints should be taken into consideration. Be good at listening to their worries and then make decisions accordingly. Some of your customers will be able to say anything to you. I suggest a customer’s complaint box where, they can channel their suggestions. This will allow your company to make amendments if needed.

Help your customers when they are struggling even though, they may not even ask you. Many times, I see customers coming through the shop door with bags full of washing and they are struggling with their children at the same time. I will open the door for them. You will see them smile and say thank you. Now that you have given this customer excellent customer service, they will recommend you to their friends because of what you have done. I also see customers struggling with operating the washing machines in the laundrette, I ask them if they need help and more times they say yes with a smile on their face. To make things easier for you customers, I will advise you to make a poster on how to operate the machines including the things to do and not to do. Also, if a machine is not working make a note on the machine that it is out of use. It is a good idea to provide your customers with magazines and newspapers or even television as this will keep them occupied. I have been to many shops which allow their phone to ring continuously but no one will answer it. Answer your phone as it could be the best job of the day. Some companies provide children play areas as it keeps children happy and engaged, so they don’t keep running around the laundrette.  

If you cannot keep a promise do not make that promise as it will effect the reputation of the company. For instance, if you have told your client that you will pick or drop their washing at a certain time then you must ensure that you meet this promise.

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