Sunday, 1 July 2012

How your dream can shape your life.

In 1998, I had a dream of running a laundry business, I always had the thought in my mind but I had no idea how to fulfil my dream. I told my friends about my idea but was mocked for wanting to leave my safe job for my dream. This however, didn’t stop me as my dream was so strong. I was invincible. My dream

In this world if your dream is something which you want to pursue and strongly believe in it, then never let anyone discourage you. Put your dreams across and go for it. People give up easily in life when they meet with temporary defects. New discoveries come with ideas and burning desires to want to do something new. I was dreaming of my laundry business without having money and not knowing where to start. My ideas started to develop. What did I do? 1) I began to plan how much the project would cost in total. 2) I needed a shop. 3) I needed machines. I then did some research by going to other laundrettes and asking them questions on how they work and where I could get the machinery from. I started believing that I already had the shop then continued thinking about where I would get the money to fund my dreams. I began to save money, not buying unnecessary items and watching my outgoings.

After two years, I had already decided to take my dream forward and onto the next level. I made a list of the companies that dealt with laundry machines. I travelled to an office in Dunstable in Luton and approached the Sales manager of electronics. He told me what they required before credit will be given to me and that I was assured of credit if I get the shop. I started my next level of getting a shop and signed a lease, came back to them and was told by a different manager that I would have to pay £10000 before they will assist me with credit. This means that if I default in with my payment, I am going to lose my money. I had to resort to plan b whereby I bought a few machines and found a company that would install them for me. I would have to pay them a deposit and pay the remaining amount on instalment bases. This is how my company came into existence.

If you have an idea, burning desire and faith to make your dream come true then nothing will stop you. Think about the Wright brothers whose dream was to invent a machine which could fly through the air. Their dream was realised. 

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